Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, and this made me think some stuff about how strange is our generation. You know, Italy is so much different from other countries; maybe for our catholic DNA, we have a very strong feeling about love and life together. Remember Woody Allen about pidgeons and catholic people as the only faithful living being?
Well, there’s so much confusion now… you see these 30 years old big kids living with their mommas, they would never abandon their house to go living with a girlfriend and eventually (!!!) marry her. Why is this happening? I don’t have many answers, I only suppose that we still feel wedding as THE BIGGEST event of a lifetime, even if it’s not anymore; we still feel wedding as THE END of our adolescence. So what’s better? Giving less importance to wedding (and maybe destroy it after three or four years), or keep having this sacral vision of it, therefore deciding to spend the rest of our life with our mother and father?