Questa mail, ricevuta stamane, mi farà riflettere davvero a lungo. La posto qui sapendo che si trattava di una mail pubblica spedita a tutti gli utenti di ——————————————————————————————Dear Friends from Nervousness and Ad Farm,For reasons that I will explain below, I am offering to give you the entirety of and/or for free. If you wouldlike to apply to receive either of these sites, please respond to this email with the following details in your application: * Your Name and Email Address * Programming languages you know, and the level of expertise you have in each * A list of other projects you’re involved in * A quick explanation of why you want the site and what you plan to do with itIdeally, candidates would have access to a dedicated server, and be knowledgeable in Perl and mySQL. You must have a proven record of successfully maintaining at least one large project in the past (doesn’t have to be web-related), just so I know that you know what you’re getting into.Simple as that. If I give you the site, I will reserve the right to participate in its development on a minimal level, but I’m really looking for someone who is willing to adopt and really drive the direction of the site, and I would only really be there to answer questions about the old code, and offer feedback if desired.The site (in both cases) includes: * The domain name * All scripts (perl) * All text and images on the sites * All user accounts (minus some information as privacy policy requires)Now, the reasons:Last week was one of the most difficult of my life. My brother-in-law passed away at the age of 20. It has woken me up to the realities of time passing, and I’d like to refocus my daily schedule to include things that are more in line with my long-term goals. Being offline is one of them. Being with my family and friends, and working on my novel, seem to be the most important things right now.However, I don’t want to lose everything that has been built up over the last year, which is why I’m really hoping someone will want to take on these sites. If not, they’ll be shut down indefinitely, after letting it wind down for a while. I really don’t want it to come down to that though, so please respond with questions or further ideas if you even have any interest in the project.Thanks,Erik BensonMockerybird |